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Whats on Nairobi

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Wednesday 26th September


Wednesday 26th September


Thursday 27th September


Friday 28th September


Saturday 29th September





Wednesday 3rd October

















Miscellaneous Events


Wednesday 26th September 2018
Goethe Institut
Discussion: Civil Society Dialogues

The Goethe-Institut Kenya, in cooperation with Twaweza Communications, is presenting a series of panel discussions on policy issues that should be more in the public eye, while at the same time offering a comparative perspective, inviting panelists from Germany as well as Kenya. The Civil Society Dialogues will shed light on topics of interest that are at the core of the political debate in a working democracy and see how they are dealt with in both countries.
Our session on 26th of September will focus on youth, aging and following implications for the political field. How is the aging population in Germany as opposed to the growing young population in Kenya? What problems arise? What are the impacts on society?


Thursday 27th September 2018
Strathmore University
Nairobi Human Rights Fil Tour

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Embassy of Switzerland in Nairobi invites you to a:
Film screening & Panel discussion
Join us for the screening of the documentary “Crime Hunters" followed by a debate on the issue of impunity with:
Emmah Wabuke Senge, Lecturer at Strathmore Law School Marcella Favretto, Senior Human Rights Adviser, OHCHR George Morara Monyoncho, Commissioner & Vice Chairperson, KNCHR Wachira Waheire, Chairperson, National Victims and Survivors Network, and Christopher Gitari, Head of Office Kenya, ICTJ, as moderator
Thursday, 27th September 2018, 6.00 pm
Transcentury Auditorium at Strathmore Business School, Nairobi Free entry and followed by a cocktail Language: French with English subtitles
Crime Hunters
by Juan Jose Lozano and Nicholas Wadimoff, 2014, 52’
From their headquarters in Geneva, the lawyers from TRIAL (Track Impunity Always) tirelessly track down war criminals who set foot in Switzerland. Any person implicated in these conflicts will end up on the radar of these attorneys, genuine crime-hunters of modern times. The film tells their daily struggle in fighting injustice and impunity, raising the question of whether international justice can make a difference when some victims seem to be worth more than others.


Friday 28th September 2018
Embassy of Japan
Japanese Trial Lesson

The Japan Information & Culture Centre, Embassy of Japan is proud to announce the start of applications for the Japanese Trial Lesson for the month of September.

020 2898-510


Saturday 29th September 2018
German School Nairobi
Organic Market


13th to 30th September 2018
The Village Market
Creatives Pop Up

The fashion pop up will feature kenya's most exciting names in the fashion industry as they showcase over 100 pices of creatively thought - through pieces.

0700 420 921


20th to 30th September 2018
The Village Market
Kashmir Arts

We will be showcasing our bimonthly offers of carpets and bespoke furmiture pieces beautifully made by hand in middle east.


22nd to 30th September 2018
Kobo Trust Foundation
9th Anniversary




Wednesday 26th September 2018
Crowne Plaza Nairobi
2018 Ecowarriors Award Gala Dinner

Every year, Ecotourism Kenya hosts an Eco Warrior Award Gala Dinner where we recognize and celebrate business entities and individuals who are at the frontline in promoting sustainable tourism. This year, the 13th edition of the Eco Warrior Award will be held in Nairobi on Wednesday 26th September 2018 on the eve of the World Tourism Day.
Join us and interact with key players in the tourism industry, network and learn the best practices in the sustainable tourism, as we celebrate Culture and Heritage.


Friday 28th September 2018
Sarova Panafric
Oktoberfest 2018


13th to 30th September 2018
The Village Market
Afrika Handmade

A careful curated collection of contemporary artisan designs for your home.

0717 488 565


19th to 25th September 2018
Navnath Bhavan, General Mathenge Rd
Inner Engineering - Tchnologies For Wellbeing In Nairobi

Inner Engineering.
As there is a science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner wellbeing.
Inner Engineering provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it. It gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of life using methods from the distilled essence of yogic sciences. The course imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.
The program has been designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, visionary, and the foremost authority on yoga.


Saturday 30th September 2018
Michael Joseph Centre
Fashion & Lifestyle 5th Edition

We target the Kenya fashion industry.
We promote new, upcoming and established brands.

Advance: Ksh 600

Gate: Ksh 1200

0713 548 946


every Wednesday
Karura Forest, Sigiria Entrance
Gate F

Outdoor Workout

oin us for a workout every Wednesday at 10am in Karura Forest (Sigiria entrance)!
Just sign up by sending an email to


Thursday 27th September 2018
Manu Chandaria Theatre for Performing Arts
Nation Leadership Forum (Special Edition)

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development to achieve a better world by 2030. Started by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Goalkeepers is a catalyst for action toward these goals—bringing together leaders from around the world to accelerate progress toward ending poverty and fighting inequality.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will Host the Annual Goalkeepers Event, Focusing on the Power of Youth to Drive Global Progress.
Goalkeepers is a multiyear campaign dedicated to accelerating progress towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). Using powerful stories, data, and partnerships, Goalkeepers highlights progress achieved, holds governments accountable, and brings together a new generation of leaders to address the world’s major challenges.
This year, Goalkeepers will focus on youth population growth and how it affects future world progress. Speakers will showcase how investing in “human capital”-the health and education of young people-unlocks productivity and innovation, reduces poverty, and generates prosperity.


Friday 28th September 2018
British Institute in Eastern Africa
Chinua Achebe Colloquium – Conversations about Achebe’s Literary Legacy

Conversations about Achebe’s Literary Legacy
–Things Fall Apart: Achebe and Magnum Opus turns 60. ‘Remembering Achebe’s most celebrated work’
–The State of the African State: Politics of Achebe.
–Re-considering the Nobel Prize for Literature. Making the case for Chinua Achebe.
–Leadership, governance and responsibility in African Literature(An appraisal of Achebe, the thinker, essayist socio-cultural critic)


7th to 30th September 2018
Jijali - Free Career / Entrepreneurship Training

Jijali is a free career start or entrepreneurship training for youth aged between 18 and 30 years old. The training is mostly online, but also includes in-person training once a month and virtual mentorship throughout the program.
The training runs for 3 months, from September to November 2018, and requires about 4 hours per week.

0735 535 762


Thursday 27th September 2018
Dance Of The jacaranda By Peter Kimani

Peter Kimani is an award-winning Kenyan author and journalist. He works across a broad spectrum of genres, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry and plays. His latest novel, Dance of the Jakaranda, was published in New York in February 2017, to great critical acclaim.
The book is a historical novel that re-imagines the rise and fall of colonialism in Kenya at the turn of the last century; it could well be a story of globalization—not just for its riveting multiracial, multicultural cast—but also due to its diverse literary allusions, from Chekhovian comedy to Kafkasque caricatures, or magical realism popularised by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
The novel is firmly anchored in the African oral storytelling tradition, drawing from the tap root of the cultures that inform the story.
The audiobook is narrated by renowned Kenyan broadcaster John Sibi-Okumu.


Saturday 6th October 2018
National Museums Of Kenya
Costume Festival: Food, Culture And Music

Kenya Costume Festival is an event which aims to invite the youth, Kenyan people and international friends to come together and celebrate our diversity, promote tourism and nurture young talent through music, games, food, and clothing among other fun activities.
adults: Ksh 1000

students: Ksh 500


Art Events

ART EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS - click on poster to enlarge

26th September to 12th October 2018
Circle Art Gallery
Wisetwo Africa 1st Solo Show: Time Travel

After traveling all over the world painting murals, WiseTwo has come back home to prepare for his first ever Solo Exhibition in the African Continent.
This will be a one of a kind show with new works that have been highly influenced by Ancient cultures, hieroglyphs and with a more deeper look at the art and the style as it rotates on its own axis.

0790 289 991


25th August to 25th Sept. 2018
One Off Contemporary Art Gallery
Exhibition: Bare Knuckle by Richard Kimathi

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery is enormously honoured to present ‘Bare Knuckle’, the latest series of intriguing works by Richard Kimathi. One of the most eagerly awaited exhibitions of the year, this series will not disappoint. Male sexuality is the focus of his extensive inquiry. As ever, his interpretation of complex concepts common throughout humanity is highly original and beautifully executed.



6th to 23rd September 2018
Alliance Française
Hadithi! Hadithi! Hadithi! Njoo

Gloria Muthoka is a self-taught artist, based at the GoDown Arts Centre, who engages in both traditional and digital art. In this exhibition, she presents a series of colouful paintings based on African folktales.


9th September to 8th December 2018
The Nairobi Gallery
Exhibition: Pioneer Women of the Arts


Saturday 6th October 2018
Lavington Mall
Clever Art Gallery October

Clever Art Gallery Is an event that brings together all kind of creative artist from photography ceramics, drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, architecture etc in Meet & Greets kind of social setting. With a blend of good music and drinks.

Gerald G
0729 706 252





12th September to 12th October 2018
Nairobi National Museum
Exhibition: Ripples from the Lake – 2018 Edition of Lake Basin Art Group Expo by Lake Basin Art Group

Lake Basin Art Group (LBAG) once again holds it’s annual exhibition at Nairobi National Museum. The artists, who come majorly from Kenya’s lake region of Kisumu import a taste of originality in the museum galleries like a breath of fresh lake breeze. This year, in their exhibition titled ‘Ripples from the Lake’ they are joined by guest artists from other water regions around Eastern Africa.
Visit the museum and enjoy a visual walk of the lakes-capes and activities of the lake people.
The exhibition ends on 12th October 2018.


1st to 29th September 2018
Banana Hill Art Gallery
Willie Wamuti


11th to 30th September 2018
Talisman Restaurant
Elsen Karstad Photography

Elsen Karstad's 2018 Exhibition at The Talisman Restaurant.  He will be will be unveiling his top selection of images captured over the past year. This will be his fourth show at the Talisman since 2011. ~ Elsen's wildlife and landscape photos are a combined product of his 35+ years in Kenya, an education in wildlife ecology, love of nature and technical creativity ~ See you all there! 


Until Mid October 2018
Red Hill Art Gallery
Exhibition: An Artists’ Selection by Samuel Githinji, Churchill Ongere, David Thuku, Onyis Martin, Gor Soudan & Justus Kyalo

Exhibiting Artists: Samuel Githinji, Churchill Ongere, David Thuku, Onyis Martin, Gor Soudan & Justus Kyalo


29th September to 23rd October
One Off Contemporary Gallery
Exhibition: Fanta Orange Na Mkate Nusu by Peter Ngugi

One Off Gallery is immensely proud to be hosting an exhibition titled ‘Fanta Orange Na Mkate Nusu’ of Peter Ngugi’s latest oil paintings. In this series of works Peter explores the incentives offered to motivate the Kenyan public to vote.
Each work depicts groups of people surrounded by the ‘goodies’ used to influence the ballot box. Meticulously executed, these paintings are surely on their way to international markets.


21st September to 3rd October 2018
The Junction Mall
Patrick Kinuthia Exhibition

Our current art exhibition showing Patrick Kinuthia's paintings.


23rd September to 14th October
The Polka Dot Gallery
Solo Exhibition by Patrick Kinuthia


24th September to 4th October
British Institute In East Africa
Art Exhibition: Seasons By Akera Wasonga



THEATRE / CONCERT / STAGE / MOVIE - click on poster to enlarge

21st to 27thSeptember 2018
Anga Max Cinema
Ukrainian Fiml Festival


Friday 28th September 2018
Prestige Cinema
Shorts, Shorts And Shots September 2018

Shorts, Shorts, Shots night is here again brought to you by The Box and Docubox!
The gist of it is simple, you wear the shorts, we screen the award-winning short films and we all drink some shots (alcoholic and non-alcoholic available)!
Following up on last month's theme, this is the second edition of Shorts, Shorts, Shots coming at you straight from Zanzibar! Our film line up has been carefully curated from the list of amazing short films that screened at the Zanzibar International Film Festival in July of this year. Join us and enjoy some of the region's best films.
SQUAD TICKETS (group of 5): 2200 bob

0739 494 422



1st to 30th September 2018
Kenya National Theatre
Tinga Tinga Tales - The Musical

We are gearing up to have a Tingatastic time with you guys come September! We have a whole month, a lot of singing, dancing and story telling to give!

0724 894 106


Tuesday 30th October 2018
German School Nairobi
Ensemble Medici

The Ensemble Medici was founded about 30 years ago by members of the “Orchestra of the German Paediatricians “ . The four members, two violins, viola, and cello, come from different parts of Germany and perform on a highly professional level. The Ensemble Medici members who are all practicing doctors and proceeds from this concert will go to Ghetto Classics
30th October 2018 | 6PM | German School
1.500 Ksh Adults

500 Ksh ChiIdren
Advance Tickets available via Mpesa PayBill 339379
For more information:
Email: | Telephone: 0723 216 197


Friday 28th September 2018
German School Nairobi
European Film Festival

2 pm: Children Movie: Iqbal
6.30 pm: Adult Movie: Perfect Strangers

Drinks and Food available.




Satursay 29th September 2018
Carnivore Grounds
Kenny Lattimore Live In Nairobi

Kenny Lattimore live in Nairobi. You can't miss out.

Regular: Ksh 5000

VIP: Ksh 10000


Food & Drinks


Every Tuesday
All You Can eat Chicken Wings


Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Weekends
Nyama Mama Xpress Branches (Yaya Centre & Village Market)
Express Your Week

2 for 1 burger deal for Ksh900 (chicken or veg burger)

Mama's combo meal for Ksh1OOO
Choice of small plate:
Organic salad or ugali fries
Choice of main:
Buttermilk chicken, mash potato and creamy herb sauce or Whole baked Tilapia with ugali and sukumawiki or Goat curry with Chapati Choice of Icecream or soft drink

All you can eat choma for Ksh1SOO Goat ribs, kachumbari and a choice of one side (ugali or fries)

Kids get a complimentary milkshake or ice cream along with our collectible kitenge animal.

Valid for dine-in only (not for delivery or take away)


Every Thursday
Pan Asian Yao
All Thar Dim Sum

Pan Asian Yao are helping everyone get through their week. Every Thursday they're introducing their Happy Hour because you're All That And Dim Sum! From 4 pm to 7 pm, for only KSH 2000 per person, guests can indulge in unlimited Dims Sum and Beer.




Every Tuesday
Nyama Mama Delta
Unlimited Ribs

Mama has a surprise for you, all you have to do is pick a meat, whether its pork, lamb or goat and Mama will barbeque it with her authentic spices and sauces. It's Unlimited! Join us this June every Tuesday for unlimited ribs.


Every Sunday
Above Thyme
Brunch Without Booze

This is the weekend when we make BRUNCH extra exciting. Spice up your brunch with a bottle of bubbly.
We make day-drinking socially acceptable with our Boozy Brunch (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday) powered by About Thyme Restaurant's bar and wine lists. Take your pick.


Every Sunday
Villa Rosa Kempinski
Sunday Passport Brunch

Delight in a hearty expansive brunch with friends and family at Cafe Villa Rosa every Sunday starting 12:30PM. Enjoy BBQ selections, Asian corner, seafood display, Arabic station, salad bar, chocolate fountain,dessert buffet and much more. Dedicated kids corner. Ksh. 4,000 per person. Add Ksh.1,500 per person for free flow of Prosecco.


Every Sunday
The Concord Hotels
Family Sunday Brunch

Create memories every Sunday with your family at The Concord Family Sunday Brunch.


Every Sunday
Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel
Sunday Brunch

Enjoy al fresco lunch this weekend with your friends and family at our Rooftop Restaruant and Bar. Indulge in a hot buffet, our signature Poolside Grills or eat healthy salads. Best of all, our brunch guests get to use our heated swimming pool!
TIMINGS: Every Sunday from 11:30am to 3:30pm.
COST: Adults Ksh. 2500 Kids Ksh. 1200.
Breakfast cereals
Different bread types
Live egg station
Freshly squeezed juice
Hot Buffet
Poolside Grills
Kids Menu
For reservations, call 0719 063 000 today.


Every Tuesday
Kengele's Lavington Green
Kuku Tuesdays



1st to 30th September 2018

The Alchemist Bar
NYC Bar Pops Up in Nairobi

The Alchemist Bar is excited to announce a special collaboration with one of New York's finest cocktail bars, Mulberry Project,The traveling pop-up bar has been around the world, visiting Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Tel Aviv, Iceland, and now Kenya!
Get ready for hand-craft cocktails with the best fresh ingredients and tailored for each guest!

0778 917 708


Every Wednesday
Club Klymax Ruiru
Nyama Choma Fest


Every Saturday
Saturday Sippin'


Every Sunday
Nyama Mama Delta
BBQ Brunch


Every Sunday
Sunday Brunch


Every Sunday
J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen Karen
Sunday Roast

When it comes to gathering around the table to enjoy a meal with family and friends, J’s Sunday Roast is the perfect opportunity. Join us this and every Sunday for a Delicious Sunday Roast at J’s Karen. For reservations call 0718 607 197. #jsfresh #sundayroast Date: Every Sunday Time: 12pm onwards Venue: J's Karen Reservations: 0718 607 197 *Entry: FREE *MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADMISSION *Age Restriction: MUST BE 23+ | Proof of identification MUST be provided


Every Friday
Under The Radar
3 Racks Pork Spare Ribs



Fairs in Kenya


15th to 17th October 2018
Acorn Special Tutorials

Baby Banda Pregnancy & Baby Fair

Exhibitors who will be present will be drawn from several industries and all the leading Baby brands are going to be present.
Apart from a great shopping experience, the Baby Banda Fair will feature special learning sessions.



26th to 30th September 2018
Sarit Centre
21st Nairobi International Book Fair

Book lovers and book enthusiasts, come sample a wide variety of books in display from Kenya and beyond.

020- 2635 498 / 0724 255 848


21st to 23rd September 2018
Sarit Centre
Food & Hotel Expo 2018

Welcome to the 2018 food and hotel expo.




Kids Events


20th May to 30th December 2018
Lukenya Getaway
Kingdom Kids Club Launch

The launch of Lukenya Kingdom Kids Club. Fun, engaging activities plus meals.

0780 8804 88 / 0736 880 488 / 0727 880 488 / 0724 987 190



Saturday 29th September2018
The Carnivore Restaurant
Kids Fun Day 2018

The place to be for Kids Under 10 years for Hands on Fun and entertainment! Activities will include
Fun and Games
Music and Dance
Story telling
Kids Pageant
Magic and Puppet show
Art and Craft activities
Bouncy castles

parents: Ksh 300k

ids: Ksh 500


29th & 30th September2018
Westgate Cinemas
Kiddie Treat



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